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Right on that score Neal. I always have trouble getting them to open packages as well. They just don't get it that I cannot tell if something is going to be blind folk friendly unless we take it out and battery it up to hear what it does when confronted with the pondering fingers of a heavy handed blind mind like mine. It is exactly for this reason that I turn to my friend Robin at the shack when shopping for something important I plan to use a long time.

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What's really hard about looking at a lot of these players is that many
of them come in those dratted awful bubble packs that you have to cut
open with a circular saw.  However, Best Buy does have a 30 day return
policy and they might as well take it out of the package while you are
there rather than have you come back and return it the next day.  I have
had reasonably good luck with asking.  After all, if they say "No," you
can always go to Circuit City or somewhere else.  I know, not everyone
has that option, but if my wife can see through that bubble package,
then I ought to be able to feel it.  Would their failure to let me do
that be discrimination?  Well, it's a good argument that might get a few
bubble packs opened for you.


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Hey there, Dana. I don't know where you could look at it. I would suggest that you take a look at Bestbuy, maybe, or Circuit City. They are usually up on these things, and if they've got one, they'd surely let you take a look at it.

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