[bct] Re: Hard Disk-based MP3 Players

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What's really hard about looking at a lot of these players is that many
of them come in those dratted awful bubble packs that you have to cut
open with a circular saw.  However, Best Buy does have a 30 day return
policy and they might as well take it out of the package while you are
there rather than have you come back and return it the next day.  I have
had reasonably good luck with asking.  After all, if they say "No," you
can always go to Circuit City or somewhere else.  I know, not everyone
has that option, but if my wife can see through that bubble package,
then I ought to be able to feel it.  Would their failure to let me do
that be discrimination?  Well, it's a good argument that might get a few
bubble packs opened for you.


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Hey there, Dana.  I don't know where you could look at it.  I would
suggest that you take a look at Bestbuy, maybe, or Circuit City.  They
are usually up on these things, and if they've got one, they'd surely
let you take a look at it.

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