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Dan upon reading your astounding resolution to eat less chocolate, I 
immediately rushed to the kitchen and ate three pieces in an attempt to 
appease the god of chocolate.  We cannot afford to offend anyone as 
important as that on the first day of a new year!  I am glad you came to 
your senses!

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New Year's resolutions

In the New Year, I will...
1. eat less chocolate
2. drink less Scotch
3. chase fewer women
4. stop spending money
5. eat less chocolate...did I already say that?

Wait!  Who the hell wrote this, surely wasn't me.  Let's try again.

In the new year, I will...
1. eat more chocolate
2. enjoy my Single Malts thoroughly
3. have more friends over to dinner
4. enjoy spending the money I haven't yet gotton [grin]
5. enjoy my grandkids

That's better, especially the chocolate part.

Dan, who plans to die at age 127, shot to death by a jealous husband

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