[bct] Re: Happy New Year to All

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  • Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2006 15:33:35 -0500

Like...like...that's really...like...cool, Jake!  <huge smile>
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  Hey Hope. Like yeah, Happy New Year like to you too and like everybody else. 
Lynnette, I am keeping your message around for awhile.
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    I must second that about your creativity, Lynnette.  That was fantastic!  
What a cheering heart-warming wish!  
    I must also add a sixth, or seventh, or twentieth, agreement to how 
"insightful," (pardon the pun), BCT has been thus far.  You all are so 
amazingly talented, and knowledgeable, and just a fantastic group, that I feel 
very fortunate to be a part of.  Larry, thank you for BCT and your walks, and 
this wonderful list.  
    Happy, happy, New Year to all of you.  May it be full of happy moments and 
sweet memories to reflect upon by year's end.  I wish you all the very very 
best in the coming year.  Thank you all for enriching my life so very much.  
Wow, I have used a lot of "veries," but oh well, I'm just so "very" grateful, 
and using something like "extremely," just wouldn't have been as much fun.  lol 
 Hey, at least I didn't fill this with a bunch of likes.  
    Anyway, enough of my ramblings.  Happy New Year and best wishes to all.

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      From: Lynnette 
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      Subject: [bct] Happy New Year to All

      Hello All,
      Just wanted to second (third, fourth or fifth) everything that has been 
said regarding the impact of the BCT list and podcasts. What an amazing 
phenomenon Larry has created.  

      Joni, I didn't even know anyone had listened to Maria's mini-cast.  Thank 
you very much...and, like you, there are a few more empty chairs at our table 
as well.

      May 2006 be...
      H=hope to guide your heart.
      A=achievements great and small
      P=peaceful days
      P=podcasts that cause you to smile, reflect, learn and dream
      Y=your heart's desire

      N=new goals to propel you.
      E=everything that's important to you
      W=warm wishes from family and friends to cheer you (or perhaps a WS-320M? 

      Y=your favorite chocolate concoction served by a special someone 
      E=enough batteries to run your devices
      A=an accessible digital recorder
      R=Really superb moments to remember 

      I wish everyone the best new year possible.


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