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Very good, Dan. Now, I'll have to go look up some of those words. <grin>
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I've never understood the use of the word "like" in these contexts, but it is amusing. When I moved to the East Coast, I encountered the use of the word wicked meaning good. Like, that's a totally wicked party, dude. Say what? Another wordism that still has me mumbling in my beer is totally rad. Like, that's totally rad, and heavily wicked, dude.

Words are such fun.  Try this all occasion political smear speech.

Ladies and gentlemen, my worthy opponent has hidden secrets you need to know about. When he was a college professor, he forced female students to flaunt their theses before him. When a teenager, he and his sister openly exacerbated one another. He introduced a group of Boy Scouts to philately, and taught Girl Scouts to commit piscatorial acts off his fishing boat.

He has been seen masticating in public and his mother was a thespian, not to mention his father being a homo sapians.

So, who is having traditional Hoppin' John for New Year's dinner?


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