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You left out the quote before the http. I have fixed it below. 

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Can some one who knows html take a look at this and tell me what i am
getting wrong?
My web folder is at www.members.cox.net/biho I have created a folder called
scans and added the ww9-9.jpg file.
But when I try to link to it with the following I get a file not found
error, and it's starting to drive me batty. I have tried it with
/scans/ww9-9.jpg \scans\ww9-9.jpg scans/ww9-9.jpg

If you want ot look at
you will see the file is there.
 Anyway, here's the line.
<a href="http://www.members.cox.net/biho/scans/ww9-9.jpg";>February 28</a>
Any help will help my sanity.  First attempt at a web page.  Thanks.

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