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Programming will range from traditional jazz to smooth jazz, blues to
rock concerts, foreignlanguage programming to talk radio for women,
dance to who knows what?

Data sent via text could include:artist and title of the track
playing, the album it came from, traffic, weather and possibly short
text ads.

What will determine whether the new HD digital radio is a success or
not is whether some effort is put into programming.   If mainstreet
radio approaches these new formats with the same lack of zest that
they are using on their current analog stations, then it will probably

I think the rollout was esculated to try and save radio from the mass
loss of people to satellite radio.

Only time will tell. 

Steve Bauer

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Hi, all. what is the above and what sorts of programming will we see?
What kind of text will be streamed and how?  Think it will fly?
People are generally not into radio any more.  Beth

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