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MessageNeal and All:

I agree with Neal's gently worded decision to implement some guidelines to keep 
the volume and content of this list under control.  I have been with it from 
the beginning, but as some others have said, it has just grown too large to 
manage.  Some of the subjects have been beaten to a pulp and too many people 
are sending response comments that have no substantive information or opinion, 
such as a statement of agreement or a witty retort.  These are appropriate in 
social situations or personal communications, but just serve wildly to inflate 
the size of the list.  Thus, I also have been considering dropping out of the 
list due to the shear volume of messages that do not have any substance or 
particular interest to me, but I will stick with it a while longer hoping that 
the list will now be more focused.  Thanks to Neal for taking on this challenge.


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  No, NO, don't worry, there are no earth shattering changes coming.  But, I do 
have a few things to say about how I will be running the list and what I need 
all of you to do to help keep this a very worthwhile list from witch we can all 

  1.  Although this list was set up to talk about the podcast on the APH site, 
we all know that it has taken on a life beyond that.  As Larry said in his 
message, we both think this is good.  So, for the most part, the list will 
continue to operate the way it has with non-podcast subjects welcome.  But, 
let's keep something in mind as we do this.  There are people on the list who 
may not want to read some or all of the non-podcast entries.  Yes, they can hit 
the delete key if they don't want to read a message.  They can also view the 
messages by topic and delete in a more efficient way.   But there are some 
things that will make the list more efficient for all of us.  And this leads me 
to number two.

  2.  Any subject that becomes so prolonged that it begins to totally take over 
list traffic may get a suggestion from me to take it off list.  i don't want 
this to be a deterrent for people so they feel they can not answer messages 
about a subject.  So, answer away.  My suggestion to take it off list will not 
be a criticism of any one person, but a mere suggestion that the topic is 
strong enough to stand on its own in another forum and should do so.

  3.  Lets all try to be open-minded in our discussions of issues.  In fact, if 
there is an issue I feel is too controversial for the list, I will once again 
suggest that you move it to another  forum.  An example of this is the recent 
conversation on religion.  While this list will be open to a lot of things that 
people have to offer, I do feel the need to keep a close watch on controversial 
subjects which have nothing to do with the premise of this list.  Again, I'm 
not meaning to offend people when I ask that something be taken off list, I 
just need to keep the list directed toward its overall goal.  Of course, the 
goal is quite wide in what people will be discussing, so there is no hard and 
fast rule about what is appropriate.  But, whenever I think that there is a 
more appropriate forum for a particular discussion, especially a controversial 
one, I will suggest that you take it else where.

  4.  I would also suggest that people keep a close watch on message subjects 
and be willing to change them if what they are adding warrants this.  It is 
very easy to simply reply to a message and over time, the actual subject of the 
message no longer fits the content of the message.  For example, there might be 
a subject called "MP3 recorders."  I want to reply to something someone said in 
this message, but what I want to talk about is the voice activation of the 
particular recorder I am using.  So, I simply rename the subject something like 
"Voice activation on MP3 recorders."  This will make it easier for all of us 
who have busy lives to know whether or not we want to open the message.

  Well, that just about covers it.  I look forward to a very healthy list which 
can teach us all a lot of things that no one of us could learn all by 
ourselves.  After all, that's what list friends are good at, and you have all 
been exceptional in that regard.  So, let's keep up the good work and keep this 
list alive and well.  By the way, you will still send your notice of a podcast 
you have up loaded to Larry and not to me.

  See you all on the list.

  Neal Ewers
  Ravenswood Productions
  Local phone:  608-277-1995
  Toll Free:  888-544-8332
  Email:  neal.ewers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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