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Just to avoid confusion to anyone looking to buy it, the company name is
B E H R I N G E R not the two other ways spelled in the below Email.

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> Recently, Neil and others discussed mixers.  Many of us listen to Michael
> Carrino of the Digital Media Cast Experiment.  for those who don't
> subscribe, he discusses on his podcast basic audio production and program
> presentation.  I just finished listening to a recent podcast on mixers,
> which can be downloaded from the URL:
> http://dmcex.com/digicasts/dmce0058_Mixers.mp3
> If you haven't heard this, it is well worth the listen, which is why I am
> sharing the resource here.  After explaining why a listener's Radio Shack
> mixer dusted off from his closet is certainly usable but not desirable for
> podcasting, Michael compared comparable Barrenger and Mackie mixers. he
> specifically explained why one would pay $250 more for the Mackie
> 1202-VLZ-PRO than the comparable Baringer unit.  the Berringer unit costs
> about $50 while the referenced mackie runs about $300.  The Berringer unit
> is the UB-802.
> Neil, are you familiar with the Berringer UB-802?  is it as accessible as
> the mackie unit?  Also, are there more differences between the two than
> having to mix digital sounds into analog and then back into digital again,
> degrading quality, so one can monitor audio being mixed?
> Kelly

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