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  • Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 15:39:05 -0500

Hi Buddy,
I, for one, would be very interested in such a podcast.
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> Hi y'all,
> First...thanks to a deal we couldn't pass up on the Home Shopping  
> Network, we just got our Roomba Discovery 2.1. (Well. They offered  
> Flexpay, five payments same as cash, so how could we say no?) $239.90  
> got us the Roomba with one virtual wall, the quick charger and drive- 
> on base, and an extra filter. No remote or scheduler, but that update  
> is available for it if we want it--we probably won't get it, since  
> knowing us, we'd forget to pick up something and it'd go off on its  
> scheduled rounds while we were away. We just got it last night and  
> ran it. Twice. Actually, two and a half times, once on clean, once on  
> max, and once just for fun on a partial clean cycle. After I made a  
> mess by not getting the bin open properly (i.e. upside down), it was  
> all good! This thing really picked up great! We have two cats and two  
> dogs and a five-year-old, and we think that the Roomba is a great  
> addition to our house so far. We named him Reggie...no...we feel the  
> Roomba is definitely male. Can't explain why, but he is.
> Now as for satellite radio. I just got XM...found a good deal on last  
> year's model receiver. A killer deal, actually. So now I have both  
> Sirius and XM, at least until May and when Melanie will likely make  
> me choose. Anyone interested in a podcast that compares the two  
> services?
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