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Aside from using What you hear or it's equivalent on your soundcard, you cannot 
record a Skype convo.  Using what you hear does allow you to record a Skype 
convo, but it does have its flaw of the fact that the other party hears 
themselves.  I love having two soundcards and a mixer!
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  Hi Rick,
  Do you know if there is a way to record a skype conversation with Goldwave?

  At 12:02 PM 3/17/2006, you wrote:

    Hi everyone,
    On the next goldwave podcast I want to go over doing some recording from 
mic and from line input. I also want to cover mixing audio and maybe some of 
the effects.  Possibly also do que points and file splitting if time permits.  
I will also talk about the JAWS scripts for goldwave a bit too.
    If you want anything else to be covered please let me know.

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