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  • Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 11:42:22 -0800

Greetings Dana et al.
I think Gold Wave is pretty good at mixing, too. I just do my mixing
inside Sound Forge, because I'm more comfortable in that sound editing
environment. It's just a matter of different commands and different
styles... Although, I must say that Sound Forge gives me a lot more
feedback and options than Gold Wave does.
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Hi Lynette:
Well, so far, I have only done voice stuff with Gold Wave.  The only bad
thing about the free trial is that it will lock up after 150 commands
causing loss of data if you haven't saved your file.  I really like the
effects processing and the way it uses analogy comparisons instead of
bit rates, sampling rates and file types to give you an idea of the
quality of your recording.  I don't no how well it works as a mixer but
I suspect not to well as Kai uses the forge for that kind of stuff.  It
sure is fun to play with and I will probably buy it because it is only

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I know I downloaded Goldwave but can't seem to find it.  Is it fair to
compare it to Sound Forge?  I'm beginning to use that program fairly
well...after some years of trying.  I should say that now I really have
a reason for wanting to learn to use it with some efficiency.  Lynnette

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Hi Friends:
I just discovered a second list of parameters that allows me to use a
slightly lower quality sound when saving my file that shrinks it a lot.
I am really beginning to like this program a lot.  Lots of neat voice
processing effects too.

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