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Don't worry about converting to mp3, just send me the wma file, and I'll convert it on this end. One thing: set the unit to its highest quality setting before you start and note that you'll only get about an hour of recording time (provided there is nothing else on the machine). If you need more time, set it to mono, and you can get two hours out of it.
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I feel like a ghost. I have been wanting to submit a career cast, but, I am a real neophyte when it comes to digital recording. My husband got an Olympus DS2 digital recorder as a gift recently and although I have not really used it for anything, it looks like I might be able to do so without too much difficulty. This is not a DS200 like some of you seem to have. However, I really have not played with this at all and I don't know if I will be successful.

My computer has Windows XP home and there is a program on the computer
called sonic recorder, but again, I know nothing about it, all my experience
recording have been analog, most recently with a handheld Sony cassette

From the discussions out there, I understand the Olympus records in DMA
format and that you need MP3 format to be a pod cast.

Now for the questions, and trust me, I have plenty of them.

First, how best to record a cast on my career, obviously cassette tape isn't
going to work but it is what I know.

Secondly, if I do use the Olympus DS2 which my husband has for meetings and
such, how would I go about converting the file to a usable MP3?

Third, if I manage all that, what do I do with the file next?

As I said, I am a complete neophyte in this area, I am used to transcribing
from digital files, but have no idea how to create or manipulate them, and
editing... Well, we don't want to go there yet.

I do have a USB headset and microphone, I have never used the microphone
portion to date, but my older computer did not have earphone jacks in the
front and so I had the USB hooked up through a hub, this newer computer does
have jacks on the front.

I am also trying to talk my husband into a career cast, I am a long-time
medical transcriptionist and computer buff, sort of, and my husband has
worked in a few things but is currently working at the local hospital help
desk and obtaining a Master's degree in information system management.  I am
totally blind and he is high partial.  I just need the real basics on how to
begin this, and no, I am not interested in starting my own podcast, I have
all I can do to keep up with the few I am subscribed to.

Helpful hints, websites and such will be appreciated.

My E-mail as at the bottom of this message.

Rose Combs

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Jake is young, and it is a shame I have to tie him when I leave him alone, but I do.

Actually, I asked Rob (before I saw the other explanation), so we'll be
posting that soon.

al419@xxxxxxxxxxx Friday, October 28, 2005 3:24:52 PM >>>
I have forgotten Jake's age.  If he's still fairly young, and I think he is,
he's probably like some people who don't mature in some areas as soon as
we'd like, or think he should.  He is a character.  But not being able to
leave him alone and loose in the house or wherever must be a pain.  But he's
a lovable guy and seems to work very well for and with you.  He must have
wild dreams when you and Rob put him to sleep.  His yipping sounded more
like he was having a good time, rather than expressing any sort of distress.
Rob sure seems to know his stuff about audio.  Enjoyed the discussion about
the recorders.  I'm still in a quandry about what to get, but at least it's
an increasingly educated quandry.  (Grin.)  Kai's info about sampling rates
and compression is interesting and helpful.  It would be great to hear about
it from Rob. Thank you. Lois Goodine.

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