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Thank you.  I hope to do it next weekend, we are working four ten-hour days
here so the best time for us may be next Friday.  

Rose Combs

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I just purchased my DS-2 from Circuit City yesterday. I picked it up for
about $77. No kidding. They only had two in stock. Here is a description of
the controls of the unit.

You will know that the unit is oriented properly because the microphone jack
is on top of the unit. The hold switch is on the left side of the recorder.
On the right side starting from the top are Index or up arrow, display or
menu set, folder or down arrow, erase, and the volume control.

On the front of the unit, top row are record and stop going from left to
right. Next row down is rewind, play, fast forward.

To delete a file, position yourself on it, press stop, press erase, press
down-arrow to choose delete, press menu set, and wait for the beeps. The
beeps are great. This unit is quite powerful in what it does, but the
simplest features are quite easy to use. Basically, just press record, talk,
and press either record again to pause, or stop to end recording of that
file. You'll want to keep your career all in one file, obviously. When you
connect the unit to your computer, it shows up as a drive and you can quite
easily find the file you were working on by playing it. Larry has obviously
stated that he will be good enough to encode it into MP3 for you. I've seen
your name a lot over the years on various lists, and will be anxious to hear
your career cast.

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