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Hello again all,

Below please find a story that I found onthe internet about the school I attended as a child. It turns out that the site was for a group of people who investigate hauntings in Indiana. Here it is:

School Spirits

Something strange happened to me and several others - including children - when we stayed at a school for the Blind in Indiana. The only problem was I
am the only one to have seen the "apparition." Others heard it, felt it, sensed it but I got to see her. A young, thin girl. I immediately - at the
time- felt she was one of the skaters getting up in the middle of the night, but she was not.
It happened during the summer in 1996. Many other things happened leading up to the "event" such as electrical socket blowing up, doors opening and
closing, lights going on (not off), television channel changing constantly, voices, drafts, bunnies outside the windows of this eerie place every midnight,
the face on the door of the closet in one of the dorm rooms, things vanishing, the cabinet doors in the kitchen swinging open - then slowly closing, locks
on the van going up and down not allowing anyone out of the van (or in) for quite some time, etc., etc., etc. Like I said several people witnessed "things"
or felt someone was watching. (the van was rented by the ice arena).
The night I saw the "girl", I had several young ladies staying in the office to sleep due to the fact the television changed channels, turned off then
on again -- they were truly frightened. I allowed them to camp on the floor of the office and as I was speaking to them I walked over to the office window
and looked thru the blinds and saw this young, 13?, blond thin girl walk up to the TV area, pause, tilt her head to one side, she then lifted one eyebrow
in puzzlement (?) and I turned away and told the girls they awoke Johneen. It was not Johneen. This girl was way shorter - and way thinner. And she
had on different pHs.
It was weeeeeeeerd. I still get chills. Are there any reports that a child may have been a victim of something there at some time? The dorm houses
many children at different times, not all blind, many requiring constant supervision and meds. We just happen to rent the place for the summer.
Several things had happened to my 10 year old as well. It was very creepy. How could I find anything out? I heard I shouldn't pursue this since I was
the only one that "saw" her - that I may be inviting others????
The skaters and I nicknamed the young spirit, Jane Doe. I had complained to some female office workers (located in another building during all this fun)
and they looked at each other and said the ghost must be back. I was peeved. I said I don't care who's back I don't want them in the dorm we are renting.
Other things that would happen, would doors to rooms that were strictly forbidden for use by us would suddenly be open to the camping skaters. They used
the stein way in the auditorium for fun, the garage where all the little bikes for the mini race track, the bowling alley, the gym, etc. These rooms were
only open to certain girls - when they got in they'd call everyone else.
Rooms that were locked at the end of the spring semester but that somehow unlocked when the skaters arrived. I hated it. I never could find them.
Somehow, I get the feeling that it was a hoax put on by the employees of the school. But how they did the vision of that girl walking across the room
(she was barefoot) and stopping right at the end of the kitchen area - is way beyond anything I can understand. How did they know I would go to the window
at that moment and look beyond the blinds????
The grounds had storm tunnels, a bell tower complete with nasty looking gargoyles, a reflection pond with dead animals floating in it, and some other
things that just looked unfriendly. The face appearing in the wood grain of the closet door in the dorm seemed to only gel my feelings on the place being
visited. It didn't help when the skaters wanted to rent videos about vampires and such. I lasted 9 out of the 10 weeks. Nothing remotely close to anything
like this has ever happened to me or my daughter since.
I tried to ask around and was told to go to some state place to look up old death records - from when?? We even tried to look thru archives of the Local
Paper but again, from when? If something did happen I have a feeling it was hushed. That they claim the child died either en route to a hospital or
at the hospital. It would not look good for a State run place that cares for special children - to lose one somehow. I don't believe that would ever
be released.
Oh, after the year of fun - the ice arena changed dorms. They still stay at the same School but a totally different dorm. The newer one - with air conditioning.

No More Camps.  : )

Barb F.

Jeff Armstrong,
Secretary, OMC,
Representative, at large

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