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When I did my Shades of Doom review, Studio Recorder said that the file was
already normalized to the specified value or something close to that, and
would not normalize the file. With my third podcast, Normalizing didn't seem
to bring the volume up that much. I played with several tests of short
audio, and even audio and music mixed together last night  and everything
seemed to come up in the mix when I normalized. I'm not sure what I was
doing wrong before. My method of mixing in Studio Recorder has been to save
the music to the clipboard and paste it in with the Mix command (letter X.)
I haven't tried using Winamp to play the music as I speak, thereby being
able to possibly control the volume of the music more precisely. I have one
sound card and no mixer.

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Jamie, I always wait until I have audio and music mixed before I normalize.
The reason for this is best given in an example.  I want my speech to be as
high as possible so I normalize it to 0 DB.  But now I have a problem.  I
may want my music to begin playing at the perceived same volume of the
speech and then fade down below the speech when the speech begins.  But, the
music is composed of more bass and treble and may register higher on the
meters.  So, if I try to make the beginning of the music sound like the same
overall volume of the speech, the music is now distorted, because it is
actually higher than 0 DB in order to have the two sounds match.  Of course,
others may have different ways of doing this.  What problems did you have
when doing the normalization last?


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In reference to the earlier thread where I asked for suggestions about
boosting my mic levels while doing audio reviews, I've been playing with
Studio Recorder a bit more. I think that I was previously doing the review,
mixing the music, and then normalizing the whole file. If I understand what
I've learned this evening, it is better to normalize all the audio first and
then mix the music in later. Have I got that right?

Jamie Pauls, MT-BC

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