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Hi Darren,
I have two Forman Grills, one small one with a bun warmer on the top, and a
larger with the removable plates, and I love them both.  I actually have
washed my plates in the dish washer with no adverse reactions.  The other
grill I clean off like you do, with a warm damp sponge or damp Viva towel.


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> Phil.
> Does your gril have the removable grids? We got one a thoughs and that's
> the only way to clean your george forman! Heheh! You could use a warm
> paper towel, and that should work fine. Warm the gril up just a little
> and then wipe off.
> Darren Duff.
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> Hi Folks,
> We just got a George Foreman Grill with Bun Warmer from a friend and
> needed
> to find the instructions and cookbook in accessible format. Searching
> Amazon for the manual got us one in pdf format for another model
> but its directions seemed to work out fine for ours.
> I noticed that the National Braille Press has
> George Foreman's Indoor Grilling Made Easy
> in pocket braille and hard braille for $20 and we plan on ordering it.
> http://www.nbp.org/ic/nbp/FOREMAN.html
> I searched google on the cooking times for several items.
> We tried burgers for 7 minutes and grilled cheese  for 2, and they came
> out
> fine except for a little sticking to the grill plates.
> Does any one else have one and do you have any suggestions on use  and
> cleaning?
> Phil

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