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I dont use soap i just take a damp rag when it's warm thanks for the grilled cheese tip i just cook meat on it myself but yeah hmmm a pepper jack tuna melt aint too bad i bet but will do that in the microwave if i try it I just take out the drawer and empty it and wash it with the dishes at night then slide it back in. it works pretty well hold it open when cleaning though i burned my arm when it closed on me well, it tried too.
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Hi Phil. My mom bought me a George Foreman grill and she ordered the Braille book from NBP. I really like my grill but haven't used it that much only because of space limitations in the apartment imposed on me by my roommate. To clean the grill after use I just wiped it down with a wet rag and a bit of soap, and everything seems to be just fine.
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Hi Folks,
We just got a George Foreman Grill with Bun Warmer from a friend and needed to find the instructions and cookbook in accessible format.
Searching Amazon for the manual got us one in pdf format for another model but its directions seemed to work out fine for ours.
I noticed that the National Braille Press has
George Foreman's Indoor Grilling Made Easy
in pocket braille and hard braille for $20 and we plan on ordering it.

I searched google on the cooking times for several items.
We tried burgers for 7 minutes and grilled cheese for 2, and they came out fine except for a little sticking to the grill plates.
Does any one else have one and do you have any suggestions on use and cleaning?

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