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  • Date: Sat, 27 May 2006 06:40:57 -0400

Hi Maria,
I downloaded the two George Foreman cookbooks from National Braill Press which worked out nice since we have used the grill three times so far.
The first time we didn't put anything on the grill like spray and the burgers stuck a bit but the wet paper towel got it off.
The next time I placed a sheet of Reynolds Release aluminum foil with a Teflon coating on the lower grill and formed the wrap around the grill bumps with my fingers.
I made sure the wrap would not interfere with the fat drains too.
We cooked two burgers for 6 minutes after the 5 minute warm up.
They were done perfect and I think the 7 to 8 minutes that George recommend is for 4 burgers.

I also suggest using the foil if you want grilled cheese sandwiches for easier clean up.
We did 2 sandwiches and it took 2 minutes. They come out a little bumpy with the grill marks on the bread but taste just like the kind you get from a restaurant.
Before cooking them I covered the top and bottom of the sandwiches with room temperature butter.

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Hi Darren,
I have two Forman Grills, one small one with a bun warmer on the top, and a
larger with the removable plates, and I love them both. I actually have
washed my plates in the dish washer with no adverse reactions. The other
grill I clean off like you do, with a warm damp sponge or damp Viva towel.


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