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I thought so too, until I saw the show Firefly. I can't recommend that show highly enough. It's pretty easy to follow without sighted assistance once you get the characters' voices down. (Not as daunting a task as is true of many TV shows.)

As for BSG, it's first and foremost a drama, set in a science-fiction background. So no, there's not a lot of robot-fighting ... at least not every week. I suggest if you have any preconceptions based on the original Galactica that you do your best to abandon them before watching the new version. Some characters have changed gender with the re-imagining, and others are the same in name only. This isn't nearly the travesty it might at first appear to be, however. As one who was skeptical of the new series and dragged into watching it kicking and screaming, I consider myself now a very devoted fan.

So there ya have it: two (in my opinion) great science-fiction shows to add to your Netflix queue, neither of which have much alien activity (if any), but both of which are the epitome of what can make for great science-fiction, whether it be on TV, in movies or in books.

And yes, I'm a huge Trekker as well, as well as being a Star Wars fan. I love my alien characters too, and yet I still recommend these shows.

Okay, enough of my TV rambling.
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Hmmm, I haven't listened to Battlestar Galactica much; I am wondering what to rent from NetFlicks after finishing Star Trek. Maybe your suggestion is the next thing, if the plot's exciting enough. I hope it isn't all fighting off the robots; have they got aliens (friendly ones) in there? Some how I get rather bored with science fiction that leaves the aliens out; a human-only universe just doesn't sound like it would be much fun to roam around in without other points of view, so to speak.


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