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I got this from the r1 list and thought some of you may be interested.
I'd still like to play with one and get some noise floor readings, and
By the sound of it, it doesn't look like it will be terribly hard to
operate without the use of the display, despite the fact that it is slightly 
more submenu oriented.

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Date: Wednesday, May 24, 2006, 10:29:41 AM
Subject: [edirolr1] First impression on R09 (in comparison with R1experience)

Dear enthusiasts,

Yesterday I got my brandnew Edirol R09 from the store. I played around a
bit last night with it, and I'll give you some first impressions.

Being a R1 user for a year now, I was curious about improvements
promised by Edirol. So far: they certainly live up to expectations.
Although I cannot compare to the R1 side by side right now, the main
differences I experience in of-the-shelf use I will list here:

Look & feel

-First feel without batteries: plastic, there appears to be little metal
on the outside of the R09. The switches on the back feel a bit flimsy,
wonder how they hold out with extensive use. When the 2 AA batteries are
in: the weight gives you a more solid impression.

- Far more intuitive interface, with controls as intuitive as you wish
for: pres REC once: rec level is clear; twice: start recording.
Remaining recording time on card is visible on the display.Back and
forth is easy.
Input and output level is where they should be: input on the left side
of the thingy (it is so small!) output level (earphones) on the right
side. When pressing input or output level, you briefly see figures
(between 0 and 100) indicating the absolute level. Handy when you want
to set toa fixed level.
Stealthy recording in the dark will be quite tricky, since the REC
button flashes like a police-patrol car when pushed..

And yes... date and time stamps on every file.. Great, never again mixed
up about when and where, and file-order. Time is listed in the main

Menu /finder

Pressing the menu-finder button shortly brings up a basic file system
where you can select the file from a list.  You can scroll up and down
with the  play and stop buttons ( above and underneath the rec button)
and select by pressing REC. Whn you select ROOT from the list (or the
higher level folder) you are given the choice to create a new folder,
which you can rename when selecting that one in turn (or delete it
again). Renaming is a bit awkward, as with the R1. Pressing the up (or
play) button above the REC button gives you the letters up in the
alphabet, down (or stop) you move down. Pressing the finder/menu button
shortly again takes you back to the main screen.

The settings for the apparatus are easy to implement through a menu
(press the finder-menu button long for the setup menu). This has as

1  'recorder setup'  where you choose sample rate (44.1-48) and bit rate
- type (from 64 - 320 Kbps MP3 or WAV 16-24 bit).

2 'Play mode' repeat or not, sequntial or shuffle

3 'Display setup' with brightness control and display off timer (save

4 'Power management' with auto-power off time selection, in 15 minute
steps ad battery type (for adequate listing of remaining power).

5 Input setup with record- monitoring switch on or off  (very handy!)
and plugin power on-off.

6 Date and time setting them

7 SD CArd basic information (room left on card and card size) and 
formatting card.

8 Factory reset which brings back the original settings

All in all quite basic, but very adequate and intuitive to handle.


And then the main interest: what is the recording quality? Just a few
first impressions here:

- First impression on internal Mics: better than on my R1, the
sensitivity in particular is much better, and it seems clipping is rare,
even on high sensitivity. Wonder whether there (or probably there) is
better circuitry involved.
I set the mic gain to high (one of the buttons on the back) and this is
appropriate for voice recording at appr. 50 cm-3 meters. For instrument
(I tried my guitar) at close range, this should be low-gain probably, or
turn down the recording level considerably (I still have to find that
out). I have the feeling that at very close distance the lower tones of
the guitar become a bit clunky in comparison with my Rode NT1 setup
(large phantom fed  condensor mikes). This is of course to be expected.
It may be that at positioning the R09 at a slightly further distance,
the sound will be better. Have to check that later.

- Metering: the metering is far more responsive with the OLED screen
than on the R1, with the peak clearly visible, since it is a bright red

- As far as I can see: no phantom power but only off-switchable plugin

- I got an 'SD card error'  twice when taking some samples on the 64MB
card that came with the R09, but later on, the same file played without
trouble..  With my 1 Gig card (Kingston Elite 50x) , all went wel..

The recordings are realy pristine, and although I did no S/R check,  I
have the impression that the new circuitry is working as advertised to
eliminate even more noise from the internal circuitry and power
regulation.Automatic Gain Control

The new switch on the back is intriguing, and I tried it out, but not
sufficiently for a verdict. It seems to be no sudden  'hard limiting'
sound  control, and probably makes some 'look ahead' time for the
incoming signal..


Reverb effects are Hall1, Hall2, Room and Plate. Of little use when
recording, but I found out it is real nice when trying to find out on
the spot what a piece would sound like in better surroundings: I sing  A
Cappella pieces in a small choir and we rehearse in very dry living
rooms. This makes stand out every mistake, which is fine for rehearsal.
By using the reverb, these are nicely smudged  [;)]  and gives you an
impression how it will sound in a church (should we cancel the concert
or not?)

First verdict...

Of course this is a very sketchy and personal review, but I feel this is
a major step forward from the R1 and is a leap ahead in user
friendliness. The whole R09 can be held and handled with one hand, which
I think is a major ergonomic achievement. For reporters and podcasters,
this must be a dream-machine. The only question I have is about its
ruggedness of construction, how it holds up when it rains, or drops to
the ground. A protective casing should be standard..

The sound quality, first impression is better than the R1, and there is
no need to 'crank up' the volume levels of recordings on PC before being
able to listen to them, a problem I often experienced with the R1. I
cannot wait to use it in the field. Tomorrow it will get it's first


Marc Cleiren

Leiden, the Netherlands

Best regards,
 Patrick                            mailto:pdaudio84@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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