[bct] Fwd: Winamp Version 5.22 is Available

  • From: Monica Willyard <plumlipstick@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 21:42:13 -0400

This update has some pretty hefty bug fixes, stability improvements, and new features including burning protected media files to CD if the provider allows it. Here's an email from the Pc-Audio list about it.

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Winamp version 5.22 is now available and one place where you can
download it from is at
www.majorgeeks.com/Winamp_5_Full_d2490.html.  Here are the changes in
this version:

New: loading of additional playlist formats: ASX/WAX/WMX/WVX, WPL, B4S
New: [gen_ff] modern skin unicode support
New: [in_wm] burning of DRM protected files (if allowed by content provider)
New: [ml_pmp] transfer of playlists to portable devices
Improved: More informative CD burning status window
Improved: [gen_ff] modern skinning engine speed optimizations
Improved: [gen_jumpex] jump-to-file search response
Improved: [gen_tray] enhanced icon pack support plus more... (thanks DrO)
Improved: [in_wm] seeking improvements
Improved: [in_wm] gapless WMA support
Improved: [ml_nowplaying] Redesigned 'Now Playing' media library view
Improved: [pmp_ipod] Loading times for iPods reduced
Fixed: Winamp won't restore after being minimized with a dialog box open
Fixed: $abbr() title formatting lockup
Fixed: Add Folder adds tracks BEFORE the last track
Fixed: Clicking 'Next' in Fullscreen video OSD acts like clicking it twice
Fixed: Rating in pledit right-click context menu always shows "No Rating"
Fixed: Stop with fadeout (Shift+V) just stops playback, no fadeout
Fixed: CD burning bugs and crashes
Fixed: Delete key not working in Online Services or SC Wire search
Fixed: [gen_jumpex] handling of playlist with more than 65,536 files
Fixed: [gen_jumpex] 'on end of queue' fixed
Fixed: [gen_jumpex] modern skin pledit docked toolbar mode not remembered
Fixed: [gen_jumpex] ML size/position not remembered when switching
from Classic to
Modern and back to Classic skin
Fixed: [gen_jumpex] misc bug fixes
Fixed: [gen_ml] playlists root view slowness bug
Fixed: [gen_ml] Modern skin: Media Library > View (menu) > Devices
Fixed: [in_midi] corrupt header crash
Fixed: [in_mp4] metadata writing crash
Fixed: [in_mp4] seek bug when using right arrow key
Fixed: [in_mp3] MPEG-2 and MPEG-2.5 Layer 3 playback crash
Fixed: [in_mp3] Winamp crashes when trying to play any wrongly named .aac file
Fixed: [in_wave] WAV burning fix
Fixed: [in_wave] Locking files (wav's can't be renamed/deleted)
Fixed: [in_wm] lockup on wma with expired/unrenewable drm license
Fixed: [in_wm] out of sync audio/video on some WMV streams
Fixed: [in_vorbis] fullpath shown in playlist for tagless files with
atf disabled
Fixed: [ml_pmp] Duplicates being synchronized
Fixed: [ml_pmp] Several crashes during transfers
Fixed: [out_ds] Can't select different Output Device with two active
instances of
Fixed: [out_ds] incorrect enumeration of stereo outputs for two of
same pro soundcard

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