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  • Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006 18:30:00 -0500

thanks Jeff I knew you guys would come through.
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  Tell him to try and create a GMail account and watch what happens.

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      guys where is the link for the problems with word verification on the 
Google site I got some one asking and I am not sure where it is see below
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uncle.jam@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
    I am sure you have scene on line word verification where you have to put in 
    words and numbers to access a site, Google has one now and it is not 
    blind folks use Google screen readers can't read the   words and numbers 
    there is ways around this very easy ways, there is a petition asking Google 
    to make a way so that we can blind folks can access the content

    you won't be obligated to anything and your privacy will be protected.. 

  Are you sure??? Since you can't see it for yourself, would you and Traci 
please find the page(s) where word verification exists on Google!  I sent the 
letter, assuming it was true and not a hoax, to a friend of mine who did what I 
should have done: tried to verify the existance of "word verification on 
Google" but he could not find it.  

  Perhaps it is under a different name/title/subject.

  Please send me a hyperlink so I can verify it myself.

  Charles the Elder

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