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Hello again,

    The reason I originally posted the manual instructions for setting up gmail 
on Outlook Express is that someone earlier wrote that they weren't able to get 
it to work and I am using it with no problems.  The important details are the 
tick boxes for SSL and making sure that you input the proper port numbers as 
instructed.  If it doesn't work after following these steps or you have 
problems with the instructions just ask about any problems here and I or 
someone else will help.

Here is the text I sent earlier:
    Someone was talking about "g mail" access in Outlook Express a while 
back and I wanted to post the instructions I used to set it up.  First off, 
change Jaws's dictionary to say "g mail" when it sees gmail.  That will make 
life easier.  These instructions are based on Jaws since that is all I know, 
I'm sure other programs use a similar set of cursor choices.  Then Open 
Internet Explorer or whatever browser you use and go to "mail.gmail.com". 
This assumes you already have a "gmail" account. (you must have been invited by 
an existing customer to get an email account, ask on the list if you need one, 
you must then set it up online the first time.  It takes help from a sighted 
person since it has one of those "copy the word pictured here" boxes which, I 
know, are crap, but I don't run the site.)  Next, sign into your email 
account.  Once you are in your email  screen, make sure you have it set to 
"standard" display, you can't access settings while in "basic html" display. 
Once in standard display, turn on the jaws curser and locate the word 
"settings", just after your user name on the same line.  Once you are over 
that word with the Jaws cursor, left click on it.  The page will change to 
show the email settings view.  Still using your Jaws cursor, find 
"Forwarding and POP"  and left click on it with your Jaws cursor.  Then select 
your "pc cursor" 
and find "POP Download:
".  Just below there, tick the box for enabling pop downloading of emails.  
Then, go down the page until you see the box that lets you choose either; 
"Enable POP for all mail" or "Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on".(I 
set up three accounts this way and one time I needed to mess around with the 
Jaws cursor to make it change, using the left mouse click.) 
I believe you might need to go into forms mode to change this setting.  The 
next important setting is "When messages are accessed with POP" for the 
action you would like to do. Gmail offers three choices. They are "Keep 
copy in the Inbox", "archive Gmail's copy" and "trash Gmail's copy". Please 
select any one of these choices depending on your requirements.  After 
making the changes, click on the "Save changes" button. This will end your 
first step of enabling POP access.

Then, to configure Gmail account into Outlook Express manually, please 
follow these steps;

Open Outlook Express. Click Tools - Accounts - Mail tab. Click the Add
button select Mail from the popup. In the Display name text box, please type 
your full name or whatever you would like people to see in the `From' field
and click Next. In the e-mail address field, please enter your Gmail e-mail 
address (eg username@xxxxxxxxx) and click Next. Select the `My incoming mail
server' as a "POP3" server. Type "pop.gmail.com"(without quotes) as your 
Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP or HTTP) server and type "smtp.gmail.com" as the 
mail (SMTP) server and click

Next. In the Account name field, please type your Gmail address (eg 
username@xxxxxxxxx). In the Password field, enter your Gmail account 
password. If you
do not wish to type in your password every time you check your mail, tick 
the Remember password box and click Next. Then click Finish. Select 
(newly configured) under the Internet Accounts window and click properties - 
Advanced tab. In the Outgoing mail (SMTP) box enter "465"(without quotes)
and tick the option. This server requires a secure connection (SSL). In the 
Incoming mail (POP3) box, enter "995" (without quotes) and tick the option.
This server requires a secure connection (SSL).Then increase the Server 
Timeout to `Long' (5 minutes, which is also 100% on the slider). Select 
Servers tab and in the bottom, tick the
checkbox of "My server requires authentication". Click ok and close.  Now 
just choose Sendand Recieve from the Tools menu, then choose your gmail 
account, this will download Gmail messages into your Outlook
Express inbox.

Thank you to Solutions by M. Sampath for help in putting this together

Jeff Armstrong 

Jeff Armstrong
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  No clue - I use it on the web.  


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    how do you configure Gmail for outlook or outlook express

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