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Hello to all--

See the link below, it is not the presentation, but a special poddcast
for all of you is coming toon, so stay tuned to this list


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Hi Beth,
Bum link.  Cannot find server error.  What a shame.  I'm actually 
considering purchasing the device.
Will try again later.
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>I get this every Thursday, so may many of you, but there were some 
>things  we've been discussing in this one, so I sent along the 
>newsletter this  time.  Beth
>> Top Tech tidbits for Thursday, February 9, 2006
>> 1) Shaun Everiss has started a mailing list, primarily but not 
>> exclusively for discussing old computer equipment.  to join, send a 
>> message to the address below, and put the word subscribe in the 
>> subject
> field
>> techrubbish-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> 2) The American Foundation for the Blind will publish the first  
>> AccessWorld Guide to Assistive Technology Products.  the book will 
>> appear in March on disk and in print and will cost $24.95.
>> 3)  Independent Living Aids, in conjunction, I believe, with a Swiss 
>> organization, is marketing the Milestone mp3 player/recorder for 
>> $365.00.  the unit features accessible navigation and the ability to 
>> store audio files in its 256 megs of built-in memory or on a cf card.

>> You can listen to a presentation on the device and read more about it

>> here: http://accessible-devices.com/milestonerecorder.html
>> 4)  Top Speed2 is a car racing game with impressive sound effects and

>> an enthusiastic community of players.  the game is free from 
>> http://playinginthedark.net/
>> 5) Gw Micro, maker of window-Eyes,  and Libera, maker of the System 
>> 7, a case management application, have announced that they have 
>> collaborated to make this case management system accessible to blind 
>> social service employees.
>> 6)  A new mailing list for those interested in learning to write 
>> scripts for JAWS has been created, called Scriptography.  Read about 
>> it
> here
>> http://lists.the-jdh.com/listinfo.cgi/scriptography-the-jdh.com
>> 7)  OPAL and LibraryU present the Day of the Digital Audio Book on 
>> Ghursday, 16 February.  Presentations and self-paced modules will 
>> take place throughout the day.  Free, but registration requested: 
>> http://learning.libraryu.org/LULiveReg/LULiveReg.asp
>> 8) window-Eyes users report that the menu system in the cd burning 
>> program Nero Burning Rom, which was formerly not accessible, now 
>> works wel in window-Eyes with version
>> 9)   The February, 2006 issue of the Braille Monitor contains a
>> review of the three accessible gps systems available for blind 
>> travelers: http://www.nfb.org/bm/bm06/bm0602/bm060206.htm
>> 10)  If By Phone is a new interactive phone service trying to get 
>> started.  You can call the US toll-free number 866-350-9836 or visit 
>> http://www.ifbyphone.com/
>> 11)  I got the month wrong for the AccessTechnologyInstitute 
>> presentation on the Audacity audio editor, but not the day.  You 
>> haven't missed it! It's coming up on Tuesday, 14 February at 01:00 
>> GMT. I always give times in  GmT, and this event takes place at the 
>> beginning of Tuesday even though North Americans will experience it 
>> on Monday.
>> 12)  Jonathan Mosen shares a link to a site that contains the audio 
>> feeds for all the many BBC channels in one accessible place. 
>> http://dave.org.uk/streams/
>> 13)  In the 30 January entry on his blog, Jonathan discussed software

>> designed to turn gext into mp3 or other digital audio formats so one 
>> can listen to it in a portable player, burn it to cd, and such. 
>> http://www.mosenexplosion.com/
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