[bct] Fw: T-mobile and the Owasys 22c cell phone

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Subject: T-mobile and the Owasys 22c cell phone

Hi all, This is a call to action. I became very excited about the Owasys 22c after listening t o the pod cast. I called to order the phone only to discover that because I have been a loyal T-mobile customer for 3 years that I am ineligible to purchase the phone for $200. I must pay $500 or deactivate my service for 90 days and reactivate as a new customer. I feel very disappointed and I feel that I am being discriminated against. Sighted people have tons of phone choices at a huge range of prices and we should have choices also. I have never yelled "discrimination" before but this feels wrong to me. What do people think and what can we do about it? Please e-mail me at bluespruce7@xxxxxxxxxxx Mary Ellen Scott

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