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Jeff chose to continue off the list but as the thread might interest some of you, I am forwarding my response to his response to me, to the list. Stick with it, it's worth it, this has now become interesting. Grin!

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Were Viox and Celebrex experimental drugs? If we cannot even trust patented products, why on Earth should we trust experimental ones. While I agree with you that they are in fact experimental, I am not willing to do software manufacturers debugging for them. I have been told by sales representatives at Freedom Scientific that, "Oh, we just make sure the thing won't crash and release it, letting the users do our debugging for us.". Do you know what happened to the man who first wrote the phrase, "new and improved"?

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Weak argument?  I don't get that.

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Weak argument, thread discontinued...

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I would say then that you shouldn't install Windows, for it even doesn't
cleanly handle issues such as this either, perfect case, Microsoft Office.
The issues you ran into before were addressed with Juice that were found
2.2 Beta 1 and beta 2. This is what beta software is all about. If you
instaled it you accepted the risk beta software has. I think you would be
fine with the newly released Juice.

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I am sure I speak for some others on this list when I say, no way man! I
not exactly sure why I night need the new features. Also, I hate software
that is not smart enough to detect earlier versions of itself and discard
unnecessary components during the new installation. My current Ipoder
just fine thanks and new is not always better. If you are keeping up with
the postings on this list you should certainly know this to be true.

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Subject: [bct] New name, same freshness!

Major iPodder PodCatcher news everyone!

From the iPodder team:

New name, same freshness - We squeezed iPodder out of our name. What's
is... pure Juice!

Yes, iPodder has been given a new name of Juice Receiver.  Click here:


to download your copy. All of the same features you have grown to love
still here. I will put the list of changes below for your review. First
some installation notes for this new version.

Make sure to remove all copies of iPodder from your system before
this new version. The reason for this is that the new software installs
into its own directory and therefore you will have Juice and iPodder
at the same time. Don't worry though, all of your download history and
settings will be maintained as long as you do not remove the iPodder
in your user directory. If you don't understand this last part, ignore

Here is the list of changes in this release:

Note: The issues of lockups that were reported on the BlindCasting list
on the BlindCoolTech list have been fixed even though they are not
below. Extensive testing went on by me personally to insure this (or at
least the lockups I saw).

1. iPodder -> Juice name change.

2. Expanded support for various one-click subscription mechanisms.  On
Windows: a File Types tab in Preferences to set these behaviors.

3. Clipboard support for feed/podcast URLs on Windows/Mac.

4. Winamp support for playing and enqueuing files.

5. User guide, linked from Start -> iPodder -> UserGuide on Windows.

6. Downloaded files are named after the final URL instead of the initial
when HTTP redirects are encountered.

7. Enriched the history data we save, to allow us to support a number of
features. For example, script-powered download URLs should work now.

8. The history database cleans up after itself, deleting history records
items that are both old and no longer present in the feed.

9. Allow re-downloading files that have gone missing by marking them as

10. New languages: Danish, Basque, Finnish, Italian, Korean, Greek.

11. Added support for password-protected proxies (HTTP Basic and Digest).

12. Added support for password-protected feeds and downloads (HTTP Basic
Digest). Please note: protected downloads must live on the same domain
the feed in order for this to work.

13. Download code now respects content-disposition header for download
whose names are different than the URL at which they're located.

14. Fixed BitTorrent abort/resume. Partially downloaded BitTorrents now
show up with Partial status instead of Downloaded.

15. Fixed a bug in Windows Media Player support that resulted in Date
not getting set.  Date-based auto-playlists work now.

16. Feedmanager OPML fetcher now runs in a background thread unless we're
about to do a download run.

17. Directory root for newly added directories, where we'll put
that haven't yet been added to the stable release.

18. Moved scheduler configuration data into ipodder.cfg.

Download the release from my web site at:


Happy Juicing everyone!


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