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Hi, everyone,
What a truly inspirational site this is. Only found it last Monday but I'm hooked. A true bout of podmania.
Lynnette, you were talking about accents and weird sayings. When jazz improvisers go crazy with the sax, it's like a fire in a petshop.
I'm not able to send a podcast right now but with a little guidance for idiots, who knows!
I live in a small town - Leigh - north west England. I have two grown-up boys but mostly live alone with my Staffordshire terrier, Holly. She's worth her weight in gold.
Before I close, could anyone give me any advice of how to load pods onto a PTR1? Please keep it simple. Also, when using the same, what happens when we use the "card clean up" command? Doeseverything disappear from the card or just accumulated rubbish?
Thanks so much to you all for making BCT such a truly inspirational site and specially to Larry for so much hard work and dedication.
and keep the pods coming.
Best wishes. Irene. -- Original Message ----- From: "Lynnette" <superlynne@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Morning, Mary.
Glad you enjoyed the podcast. Yes, we've got the West Indian, Southern, and Puerto Rican influences here so you know we're just all mixed up and into those sayings. <grin>.

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Subject: [bct] Lynnette and Maria's latest podcast

Hi Lynnette and Maria and list,

Great podcast! I really loved the part at the end where you talked about funny sayings people share. Maybe you can get your families to say something sometime; accents and dialects are so wonderful! There is one saying that Tennessee Ernie Ford had that is just made for animal lovers; he would say something is like a couple of long tailed cats in a room full of rocking chairs! Now, what kind of image does that create in your head?


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