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      Volume 4, SpecialSpring 2006 Issue 

      Important Newsletter regarding HiMD recorders!

      We'll keep this short and sweet(look for a regular newsletter soon, 
though).This is a special Newsletter to announce a great deal that is about to 
end on the Sony HiMD recorder MZ-M100.

      If you haven't already had a chance to see this,here's the deal: 

      Sony is about to release the latest HiMD model, the MZ-RH1. However, they 
overproduced on the current MZ-M100 "professional" model that is Mac and PC 
compatible. To move these out to make room for the new model, they made us a 
great HALF-PRICE deal. They are throwing in a FREE stereo microphone and a FREE 
set of Sony MDR-7506 professional studio headphones!

      These headphones are the standard in the professional recording world and 
are truly amazing. They are lightweight and foldup for each storage. The mic is 
a good entry level stereo cardioid mic.

      The recorder is Sony's current top-of-the-line model.

      The price on the special HALF-PRICE bundle is $299.00 while supplies last 

      When the supply of these are gone, so is this deal. 

      To see this now, click here.


      OK...that's it for now. We will have a scheduled newsletter coming out 
soon, but wanted to get this info out right away. Again, we really appreciated 
all of the comments and suggestions you give us.....keep them coming! If you 
would rather not get any more of these (how could you!), just click on this 
link to opt out of future newsletters. By the way, just as a reminder, we DO 
NOT give or sell anyone's e-mail address to ANYONE...period. 

      We appreciate your continued support!

      Chris Carfagno, Vice President 

      The Sound Professionals, Inc. 

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