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What a very interesting idea. Sounds like it might be very helpful!
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Hello list,
I thought this item below might be of interest to all, but especially to the
good cooks in our midst.


Read on

Gimpy Mumpy (Blog)
Friday, February 17, 2006

Cooktop with Voice Navigation, Sweet!

Popgadget has the skinny today on a Sanyo Electric cooking stove with
navigation and musical tones to alert you when burners have heated up to a
certain temperature. What a great idea for VI (visually impaired) chefs
gimpy cooks like me who need to go have a lie down while waiting for that
water to boil.

Another great piece of Gimp Gear for the kitchen!

Via Popgadget


Sanyo Electric is to release in Japan the wildest appliance I've ever read
about: their new induction heat-type cooking stove features a "voice
navigation" function to make it easier to use.

The 200V Built-In IH Cooking Heater emits various musical tones when, for
example, cooking is completed or water is boiled. The music can be
downloaded from the internet via mobile phone and transmitted to the
cooking unit via infrared communications.

The device also offers oral instructions for novice cooks.


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