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Wow- that was a very quick response- and looks like good, though not
abundantly clear, news.
Wanted to pass Mr. Cylke's   response on.
Feel Free to forward.

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Web Braille has NOT been discontinued. It will be back soon. Kurt Cylke
Hello, I am writing to enquire about the discontinuation of the Web Braille
Service. I have been using Web Braille to read magazines and books since
1999. I love this service!
I have an electronic Braille display that I use to read Braille texts. I
genuinely prefer this method of reading my Braille materials from LOC
because it allows me to have instant access to materials; I don't have to
wait for books to arrive in the mail. Secondly, using Web Braille does not
necessitate the toting around of large, bulky Braille volumes.
The most important reason that I love Web Braille however is because Web
Braille books are written in contracted grade 2 Braille- the language that

I am really concerned about this change and would like to know what electronic distribution service will be offered instead of the Web Braille service.

Thank you,
Jessica Lorenz
1611 Oakview Ave
Kensington, CA 94707

Frank Kurt Cylke, Director National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped Library of Congress Washington, DC 20542

Fax 202-707-1690

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