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  • Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 12:36:12 -0700

I almost hate to send any e-mail to this list right now, however, I
downloaded the eloquence file, but it does not have a zip extension, thus it
is not opening or extracting.  I have suffered innumerable crashes the past
few days, and wish to correct this as I absolutely dislike Microsoft Sam,
and if I try to select Neo speech voices I crash also.  

Please, someone help!  

Rose Combs

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Ok. Everyone go get this. I replaced the old one with the new, opened
notepad and typed a bunch of lines of the offending word and nothing
happened. Encase some of you had a problem with the link in Larry's message
because of the greater than signs, here it is in one line.


Do this immediately. Messages about macs and religion can be ignored. The
offending C Word can't.

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