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T-Mobile and Capital Accessibility are working together to offer the Oasis
22c at a reduced price, so I would offer that they are making strides in the
area of accessibility. 

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Yes I bought the LG after listening to a pod cast here and although its not
100% accessible just yet.  It does work very well.  Its a shame that T
mobile isn't doing something similar.  Verizon let me purchase the phone for
$70 which is very good.



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not at all. the tmoble phone is less   accessible   the verizon one works
grate but  isant all the way there yet. They are wrokingon it now. i use one
of theas phones and  am very happy  with it
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> Hi all.  Through this list of pod cast I have learned that Verizon has an
> accessible cell phone, the lgvx 4650.  I have T-mobile and I do not want
> to
> change over because it is very cheap for us.  T-mobile does not seem to
> have
> a comparable phone.  I am wondering if this could be considered
> discrimination.  I do not want to change carriers just because they do not
> offer an accessible phone.  What do you guys think?  I am not subscribed
> to
> the list because it is too much traffic for me so please send comments to
> Bluespruce7@xxxxxxxxxxxx  Thanks, Mel

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