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Hello, Eric,
Yes, I am in Ohio. I don't believe I recognize either of those names, however, that does not necessarily mean that we didn't chat once or twice before. I am not too proficient with Irc., though I do know people who are.
Roxio is a product I swear by. At least for my own personal Cd creating/burning. I think the latest version has dvd audio capturing software as well. If you're into that sort of thing.
I lived in Columbus for a time and went to the Braille Jail. <oops, what am I saying?!!> the School for the Blind. That was for two years, thankfully. Not to say that OSSB wasn't a good school, it was, but I felt a bit cramped, and it was during my junior high transition years.
Anyway, enough about that. I hope you enjoy Roxio. I believe it was Lois, though, who said that version 7 doesn't work with Jaws? It might with Jaws version 7.0, though.

----- Original Message ----- From: "Eric StevenS" <sseric57@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "Hope" <musicofhope@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Sunday, November 06, 2005 12:31 PM
Subject: Blind Cool Tech, etc.

Hope, thanks for the heads up on that Roxio product. It sounds like the
full version might be worth a look. I don't have a good way of backing up.

I think you have mentioned on the list you are in Ohio? I am in Columbus.
I wonder if you are the person a friend used to talk about chatting with on
IRC, Doris Pennington and April Jenkins. That has been a few years ago. I
have not talked with either of them for a good long time.

Anyway, hi from a neighbor, if you are in Ohio. Hi anyway, no matter where
you are!

Eric SS

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