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I just tried this game last night for the first time and it is cool! Its predecessor wasn't as feature-rich. I also noticed that the vehicles each have horns in this upgrade. I was playing it just as a neighbor came down to get some info on Special Olympics, and she had a look at the game and really liked it. Thanks for passing this along.
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I tried this and it is fun. I need a stearing wheel though. I was just using
the keyboard.
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Normally on this list we chat about audio as it relates to music and
production but I'd like to chat about a new game that has recently come out
and that's taking the blind gaming community by storm. The game is a Racing
game and it's called Top Speed2. The idea is you have your keyboard or a
stearing wheel and you race around tracks. The sound of the cars is most
Realistic and there are plenty of ad on cars and tracks. You also can
either host a server for 7 of your friends to play on or log in to a server
that's being hosted. If your in to sports you will most deffinately enjoy
this one. You'll play this game for hours. Now the cost you ask? Well the
fine developers in the Netherlands who wrote this game have decided to give
it away completely free of charge. You can go to:

and download the game and all the extra tracks and ad ons. Also you can
learn how to design your own racing cars and tracks and a few blind people
have already done this. Try this freeware game. I think you'll be most

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