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I'd like to weigh in on this phone accessibility thing if I may. I have been debating about exchanging the cell phone I have now for an accessible phone. My voicemail indicator keeps going off when I switch on my phone, but when I check my voicemail there's no message. I know this isn't a fluke with the phone because people have actually been able to leave me voice messages before. I am able to retrieve voicemail messages because my father showed me how when I first got this phone. Whenever I have my roommate or one of my neighbors look at the phone's display, they just see a bunch of random phone numbers as text messages. At least a couple of these are numbers which I recognize, and I keep trying to tell these people nicely to please stop sending me text messages since my phone doesn't talk. The odd thing, i suppose, is that the majority of these people are blind themselves. I think the drawback to getting a new phone, however, is that I've only had this one for a little over a year and I don't think my plan has expired yet. Can I change my cell phone number? I've never heard of anyone doing that while using the same cell phone. I must say though, that these accessibility options do look very promising. This is something which I'm discussing with my folks and a team of people who had been helping me to plan my future goals.
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Now they're doing something that makes me smile. It's about time that sort
of thing starts happening for the Blind community. Does anyone know anything
about the size of this phone? What other phone models is it comparable to?
How does this phone look to a sighted person? I realize that last one isn't
terribly important, but it would be nice if it didn't look like a rellick
from the 1980s or something like that. I would like to be confident that the
phone looks pleasing to the eye.

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Hi, all, I'm forwarding this as I got it so the credits will show.  Isn't
this cool?  Beth

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Announcing Radical Price Reduction Owasys 22C Talking Screenless Phone Now Only $199.95!

Effective immediately, Capital Accessibility in cooperation with
slashing the price of the Owasys 22C Talking Screenless Cell Phone by
a whopping 50%! This new low price makes the most desirable talking
the best buy for persons who are blind or visually impaired.

Order now and receive this incomparable phone that everyone's talking
about at
the special low price of just $199.95 when you activate your
with a new one-year service plan from T-Mobile!

Call Capital Accessibility today!
(877) 292-2747 toll-free, or
(240) 715-1272

Visit us on the web at http://ScreenlessPhone.Com to learn more!

Take our audio tour and hear for yourself the outstanding speech
quality of the Owasys 22C.
Learn about its features and ease of use.

The Owasys 22C works right out of the box.
Turn it on and everything talks:
No software to download
No need for sighted assistance setting it up.

This is a special, limited time offer from Capital Accessibility. With
no eligibility forms to fill out, and no rebates  to wait for,
ordering the Owasys 22C is now as easy as using it.

Please feel free to forward this announcement anywhere you think


Janina Sajka Phone: +1.240.715.1272
Partner, Capital Accessibility LLC http://www.CapitalAccessibility.Com

Marketing the Owasys 22C talking screenless cell phone in the U.S. and
Canada--Go to http://www.ScreenlessPhone.Com to learn more.

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