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Dear Friends:

Since we first introduced the Owasys 22C talking screenless cell phone
in the United States late last year, we've answered numerous questions
about this exciting new telephone. We've gathered the questions that are
most frequently asked into a special "Frequently Asked Questions"
document, also called a FAQ, and published this FAQ on our web site:


We think our FAQ is a perfect way to get acquainted with the Owasys 22C.
We hope you think so, too. But, we're also certain that we'll be adding
more information to this FAQ as new features are created for the 22C,
and as more questions arise. So, feel free to refer to this document
often. And, feel free to download a copy for yourself, or to email it to
your friends who are also wondering about the talking screenless cell

Our Quick Reference FAQ provides information on the following topics:

    * What are all these buttons on the 22C?
    * How do I insert my SIM card and my battery
    * How do I charge my 22C
    * How do I turn my 22C on and off?
    * Can I use my headset with the Owasys 22C?
    * What's the Network Advisory? And, how do I dial a call?
    * How do I lock and unlock my keyboard?
    * How do I get my voice mail?
    * How do I mute my ringer?
    * How do I know who's calling?
    * How do I check my battery and signal strength?
    * How do I call using my Phonebook?
    * How do I write text with my 22C?
    * How do I add and edit entries in my Phonebook?
    * How do I send and read text messages (SMS)?
    * How do I get my account balance from my phone company?
    * How do I find out how many minutes I've used?
    * How do I change my ring tone?
    * How do I set speech speed and pitch?
    * How do I make other configuration selections?
    * How do I get help with my 22C?
    * How do I get help with my phone bill and service plan?


Janina Sajka Phone: +1.240.715.1272
Partner, Capital Accessibility LLC http://www.CapitalAccessibility.Com

Marketing the Owasys 22C talking screenless cell phone in the U.S. and Canada--Go to http://www.ScreenlessPhone.Com to learn more.

Chair, Accessibility Workgroup Free Standards Group (FSG)
janina@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx http://a11y.org
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