[bct] Re: Further to my sound forge dilema

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For the terminal services if you can right click on it and get to the properties you can stop it and set it to manual start. This way you can start it when ready.



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Hi Stephen,
I've uninstalled and reinstalled the program to no effect. Same thing happens. I tried to kill as many background programs as possible and shut off firewall and antivirus, to no avail, still the same problem.
I saw the problem mentioned in the sony knowledge base and they suggested that i went in to the control panel, administration tools, services, clicked on something called "terminal services" and tried starting that one. I did so, only to discover that the terminal services were started, only i couldn't stop, start or restart the service, those menus were grayed out, so apparently there are settings i don't have access to. That's how far i am now.

Stephen Clower wrote:
It sounds like Sound Forge might be having trouble initializing your audio hardware. What happens if you completely uninstall and then reinstall the program?

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