[bct] Re: Frustrations with how AT is taught

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I agree with Debee and others about how AT is taught.  I am mostly what you
might call "Self taught".  That  is,  i've never attended a computer class or
had a one-on-one live instructor.  Wwhen I received my first computer in June of
2000, the vendor, who was an acquaintance who built systems, brought the pc to
my home, hooked it up and installed Jaws.  Then he showed me how to get to shut
down, and where  the button is on the tower to start boot up.  So for the first
few months I lived with the Freedomscientific tutorial tapes.  When I got online
early in 2001, I soon found other tutorials to help me understand much more.  I
think the bestof those was and still is Cath Ann Murtha's Immersion into
Windows, and there's one on Outlook Express, as well as others.  I also bought
"Windows Explained"from National Braille Press.  The first year or so with the
computer was a nightmare.  But it has been worth it.  And we desperately need
detailed training.  During those first weeks it would have been so much easier
to have had a real live person to show me around a bit, and instruct me out of
situations I didn't know how to solve yet.  That's why these lists are so very
helpful. This is a two-sided issue though.  I've occasionally attempted to help
someone who doesn't really want to learn on their own.  Some would like to have
us do it all for them.  And if we're going to get effective use from these
things, we have to spend some serious training or study time with them.
Just a few thoughts on the subject.

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