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Ray, Thanks for that.  You are very right in all that you say.  You have
no idea how many people have written to me offline being frustrated by
things that have been said on this list.  Sure, you could call them
thin-skins if you want, or you could stop and think if any of us have
continued the smashing of someone's feelings even if unintentionally.  I
doubt there is a mean spirited person on this list.  One of the problems
with email is that it is too easy to hit return and throw a stone when
it might be prudent to stop and think first.  Yes, I have been there
too.  But, I try very hard, not to go there very often.  Life is too
short to spend any part of it being unkind to others.
OK, who put that soap box under me anyway?  I'll stop now.
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Now look, I'm not going to take sides in this; but, y'all, Neal is
absolutely correct.  I know what it is to be greatly dissolutioned with
people; both blind and sighted.  I know what it is to be deeply hurt by
people I thought were good friends.  I know what it is to be burned by
people in whom you deeply confide.  I know the terrible empty feeling
you have deep in your sould when the person whom you get to know causes
you to believe that you are their soul mate only to discover that they
were just playing you for a fool!!!  I don't know who did what to this
person; but, look, I think quite frankly, that compassion is what is
called for here; and, in equal frankness, it's a two way thing.  If you
want to get compassion, it's usually more effectively gotten if you
first give it.  I can tell you as a fact that e-mails can so easily lead
to terrible misunderstandings which can, in extreme cases, cause the
loss of good friendships.  Suppose we all just take a step back from the
brink and look at what's really happening here.  It's quite clear that
the e-mails which contained profanity were spoofs.  I must at once
admit, however, that at the first, I didn't suspect this.  However, upon
second thought, it's just so out of Rick's usual good character to say
stuff like that that I'm going to have, at least provisionally, to agree
with Tiffany's assessment of the situation; however, with the
understanding that I too hope most sincerely that I am wrong in this.
If Chris is truly hurt by what ever things have been said to or against
him on this list, surely, it does not help his cause to go about
spoofing other people's e-mails now does it?  Why, of course not.  I
must add, though, that I do understand that the utter desperation and
terrible emptiness which being dissolutioned with people can cause one
to do some extremely stupid things.  It can, and often does, leave one
with a terrible empty feeling of loneliness which can cause a person to
want to act in ways they would not normally think of.  Worse yet, when a
person gets this way, they also get to where they are even more empty
and dissolutioned because they know in the deepest part of their hearts
that they either cannot or will not do those things.  Chris, if you are
still reading this, don't go down that road.  If you don't pull back
from the brink, it will be even worse for you.  Let us not loose site of
our purpose on this list; which, I believe, is to talk about things
related to the "Blind Cool Tech" podcast, and just to have fun with each
other.  Let me tell you my strategy for dealing with stuff I don't like.
If someone on this list says something to which I ever took offense, I'd
tell them privately and not make a public seen out of it.  
    Okay.  That's the first part.  Now, here's the second.  every one of
us, at one time or another, throws a pity party just because we're
blind.  It happens to the best and the worst of us.  I am not suggesting
that this is what Chris is up to; nor, you should understand, am I
making excuses for him.  If, however, there is something wrong, it needs
to be dealt with in a mature manner.  Throwing around messages like what
I've been seeing of late is not a helpful way to solve what ever the
problem may be.  
Sincerely yours,
The Constantly Barefooted,
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OK friends, we know that there is someone who feels hurt by things that
have been said or not said on this list.  Given that people's feelings
can be hurt by unkind words, I see no reason for continuing to pursue
this thread if the only thing you have to say is too bad good riddance.
Let's all prove that we can be compassionate, caring people and stop
throwing stones just because someone threw one at us.  After all, it is
a virtual email stone and I doubt that any of us have been mortally
wounded by it.  So, let's set an example of kindness here and stop
throwing stones.
thank you all.

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