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Hi J, This is Mike Cole. I don't know where to download free good everyday 
but the libraries often have amazing CD's full of sound effects. I have no idea
whether they can be re-used, pod casting is, I guess, like broad casting more or
less, but I mean just to listen to, to use for personal recordings, seems like 
what they're for. I got one once that had a bunch of window break, huge plate 
crashes, quite impressive. I borrowed one once that had cars, identified by 
make and
model, starting, stopping, stopping suddenly, doors opening and closing, surely
people used them for plays what have you. Maybe we're spoiled in Berkeley, but 
have lots of them.

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Hi all,

Does anyone know where I can download a whole mess of free audio sounds we
hear in our everyday lives? I'm talking about sounds like car horns, frogs,
cartoons, bicycle bells, glass breaking, thunder storms and so on. the
better the clearer the sound quality the better.


J Garcia

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