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Well I suppose the world is consistent if nothing else because the Pension 
system hear in the UK is in a crisis also.
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  Frank, I really hope you can get this straightened out. Looks like a bunch of 
bureaucrats like to boss people around and you're one of the victims. 
Bureaucrats are all over the place. There is a class action suit going on with 
three people sue-ing IBM because they never got the over time they deserved. My 
group never did either. We will never see anything come from it, but the 
company got ten years of free work out of us. Now the news is also saying the 
pension plans are going away in 2008, and if you want a pension, it comes out 
of ten percent of your salary and gets put into a 401(k) plan. So many 
companies are doing that these days, because it saves them money and the 
workers get the rotten end of the deal, as usual. So either way you slice it, 
it ain't a real thick slice; whether you work or not, somebody's after you. I 
sure hope you can get this straightened out; it's the most unreasonable 
thoughtless thing for somebody to do to somebody else, especially since you 
have no way on this earth of paying that amount of money in years, let alone in 



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