[bct] Re: File Transfer Software?

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Greetings Dana.
I remember hearing of a program to let you send items to the iPod which
was accessible, but I can't for the life of me remember its name. I'll
do a bit of research and see what I can turn up for you.
With regard to sending items to Larry: If you have IE 5+, you can simply
copy and paste into the ftp folder window that IE provides.
1.  From inside Internet Explorer, go to tools, then Internet Options.
Alternatively, hit alt + enter on the Internet Explorer icon on the
2.  Shift + tab so that you're in the tab controls. Press the end key to
get to the Advanced tab, then tab once into the tree view.
3. Down arrow until you find an option called "Enable folder view for
FTP sites." Once here, make sure that the option is turned on -- if it's
not, press space to turn it on.
4.  Tab to the OK button then hit enter.
6. If you accessed the internet options dialog from inside IE, you'll be
dropped back into the application's window. If you accessed the dialog
via the desktop, you'll be dropped back onto that window. If the latter
is the case, open the program.
7. CTRL + O to bring up the open dialog. Enter or paste the ftp address
you wish to go to, then hit enter. In our case, it's
8. Enter the user name and password (if required), then hit enter. In
our case, the user name is "bct", the password being "submit" (without
the quotes).
9. Minimize this window, then open up an Explorer folder window.
Navigate to the file you wish to upload, copy it to the clipboard with
10. Alt + Tab back to the FTP folder window, then paste the file there
with CTRL + V.
You should now receive a file transfer dialog, much like the one you
receive when copying files to and from folders on your computer.
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Hi again Friends:
Is there a piece of file transfer software available that will allow me,
without a good working knowledge of the various parameters, to send book
or music files to my Ipod?  I am being told by Audible that I must use
Itunes.  I have removed this program from my computer and don't want it
back.  I like my Ipod because it is very small and I got it free.  While
I may in fact buy a book port soon, not just yet.  Also, if someone
might care to comment on the best way for me to send Larry my career
cast, it would be helpful.
Thanks much in advance!

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