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  • Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2005 19:18:36 +1100

Hi Larry and everyone,

Just for the record and to make sure my comments about being careful
not to make intros too professional isn't misunderstood, I just wanted
to add that I think the stuff people have been doing is great. My
point was simply not to get too caught up in trying to sound
professional. This is a great opportunity to be creative. When I
worked in radio, the bit I liked the most was making adds and stabs as
I found it really creative, despite the fact I hate
advertising. However, often real creativity can be hampered by a
mistaken belief of what is and what isn't professional. Lets not
constrain ourselves by what the great unwashed consider to be
professional - be creative and see what we create. You never know, we
might redifine what is thought of as good or professional.


 > Kai, I love the work you've done!  There is some real creativity and
 > humor in there.
 > I suggest that while each of us might prefer certain styles, let's let
 > folks like Kai loose with their creative energy and see what happens!
 > >>> kaixiong@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Wednesday, November 02, 2005 7:46:24 AM >>>
 > Greetings List.
 > I'm not sure I'd ever call my mixes "professional," just someone
 > toying
 > around with audio to make something that sounds good to my ear. If you
 > guys prefer more natural-sounding intros, I can go that route, though.
 > Kai
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 > Carroll Stewart - what a lady!  A real pleasure to listen to this
 > podcast.
 > Just adding another spin to what Tim was saying about professional
 > voice
 > over introductions.  There is a temptation I know to make the whole
 > Blind Cool Tech thing more professional sounding, more like a TV or
 > radio show.  
 > However, one of the attractions of Blind Cool Tech to me is that it
 > feels like a community where everybody is encouraged to contribute.
 > Make it too slick and people may be discouraged from contributing.
 > The Bookport recording from those rascals in Canada was pretty
 > impressive from inside a locker.  My Bookcourier is nowhere near as
 > good
 > as this.  Are the microphones different?

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