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  • Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2005 11:18:29 -0600

I think variety is the answer here. When I submited my intro to Larry, I
suggested that he get others to do the same and rotate them. I personally
hope he doesn't stick with just one. 

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Greetings List.

I'm not sure I'd ever call my mixes "professional," just someone toying
around with audio to make something that sounds good to my ear. If you guys
prefer more natural-sounding intros, I can go that route, though.


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Carroll Stewart - what a lady!  A real pleasure to listen to this podcast.

Just adding another spin to what Tim was saying about professional voice
over introductions.  There is a temptation I know to make the whole Blind
Cool Tech thing more professional sounding, more like a TV or radio show.  

However, one of the attractions of Blind Cool Tech to me is that it feels
like a community where everybody is encouraged to contribute.
Make it too slick and people may be discouraged from contributing.

The Bookport recording from those rascals in Canada was pretty impressive
from inside a locker.  My Bookcourier is nowhere near as good as this.  Are
the microphones different?

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