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  • From: "Eric StevenS" <sseric57@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2005 12:30:36 -0500

Just to add to Mary's explanation, you could also go to that podcast folder, 
which You can find under options/preferences and general setting, I believe 
(not having the program open at the moment), from inside your player of choice, 
Windows Media Player or Winamp.  I do prefer Media Player because I frequently 
like to increase the rate, which I believe can be done with Winamp, but have 
never looked for that plug in.

Speaking of Windows Media Player, I have the latest version on my Toshiba 
notebook.  However, in that program and only in Media Player, my speakers sound 
distorted, even though the volume is not maxed.  This has not been the case 
since I got the computer about three years ago, but not too long after that it 
began.  Does anyone have any clues where to begin trying to fix this.

Eric SS

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  I can answer at least one of your podcast questions. If the podcast is an MP3 
file, then you can definitely fast forward, repeat, rewind, listen again, and 
so forth, using whatever audio player you normally use for MP3 files--winamp, 
Microsoft, Real Player, and probably any others that play MP3 files. 

  As for where the podcasts go, you can specify, within iPodder, which folder 
you want the podcasts to go when they are downloaded. I put mine in 
c:\new\podcasts. Within the podcasts folder, each podcast has its own folder. 
Quite often, I just go to the folders using Windows Explorer or My Computer, 
choose the file I want to hear, and press enter on it; I prefer this rather 
than using iPodder's default, which is, I think, to send the podcasts to some 
folder in My Documents. I just find their default too cumbersome. Once I hear 
the podcast, I can move the file to an archive, put it on CD, or delete it. 
Since I deleted it outside of iPodder, still has it listed as "downloaded" so 
occasionally I go into iPodder and delete the downloaded stuff I've already 

  This may not answer your questions too well, but just take it or toss it for 
whatever it's worth.


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