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Well, last night, I downloaded and installed Firefox myself.  I would 
suggest you read the "for Internet Explorer users" under the help file.  All 
differences are explained quite nicely there; but, here's a tip in the mean 
time.  What are called "favorites" in internet Explorer are called "book 
marks" in Firefox.  Actually, this is the standard name for such files.  To 
quicly access any thing you may have saved under the "links" folder in IE, 
just press alt+b then keep pressing b till you get to what is called the 
"book marks tool bar folder".  There you will see everything that you had 
saved under "links" in Internet Explorer.  Now, as you move down the book 
marks list, you'll see all your other  folders there just as you had them 
before.  HTH.

Sincerely yours,
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When setting up a new PC, I set up Internet Explorer.

Next, I set up Firefox.

A couple days later, i copied my Favorites Folder onto the new PC and
Internet Explorer finds them just as it should.

I used the Import feature in Firefox and it imported them, but put
them in a folder named something like "From Internet Explorer."  So
when in Firefox, I first must go to the From Internet Explorer folder
and then after that I can manually locate a Favorite.

Is there a way to get these Favorites in Firefox into the main folder
instead of being in a sub-folder?


Steve Bauer

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> This may be a factor of the e-mail client.  Eudora has been known to
> report phantom attachments sometimes.
> Dean

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