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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the advice, but unfortunately this is a rather different
scene.  The orchestra is only one small part of the musical.  As with
all musicals, songs are played at all different times throughout the
musical--even right after an actor has finished speaking.  There's no
drum roll involved; I imagine that most of the music will be swing; I
simply have to start with the singer(s) and the rest of the band.

Mary, thanks too for your idea.  I wonder whether a wireless
microphone/ear buds could work by themselves or whether you would
need, say, a stereo, to send the output from the microphone to the


On 11/4/05, Marsha Macchi <marshamac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi, Marsha here.  If someone hasn't answered your question about being in
> an
> orchestra, here are my answers (and I am not proposing that this is the
> only
> way to accomplish this) to get in sync with the conductor.  As a violinist
> in an orchestra, I found that the silence just before the first beats of
> the
> music is ample time to get the drum roll started.  For example, also as a
> solo singer with an orchestra singing a high A on a mass where the first
> word is Kyrie, a hard word to sing on a high A spin, I learned to listen
> for
> the silence just as the conductor gives his preparation or ictus beat.  For
> example, just before a downbeat, his arm will go into the air on an upbeat
> before he goes into the first beat or a piece.  Also, there is that subtle
> intake of breath just before the first notes are sounded.  One often senses
> rather than sees the conductor's baton.  Also, as Mr. Paul has stated, a
> fellow percussionist  can also give you a kick in the heel or a shoulder
> tap
> just before your first drum roll.  If you should have any questions about
> this, you may write me or even call me at (415) 586-0742 so I can try to
> explain to you some of my methods of keeping up with conductors, orchestras
> and the like, both as a player and as a singer.
> My E-mail address is marshamac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Marsha
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> > Is your drum solo happening apart from any other music? In other words,
> are
> > you setting up something which is to happen immediately after your drum
> > roll, assuming that's what it is? Is there anyone else near you on or
> > backstage that could cue you? Perhaps a tap on the shoulder, a kick on
> the
> > heel, anything subtle that could cue you. Could one of the actors on
> stage
> > cough, sigh, anything that would be appropriate in the context of the
> > musical that would cue you? These are just a few suggestions. Perhaps if
> you
> > set the scene for us we can put our vast amount of creative knowledge and
> > almost infinite wisdom to work in your behalf. (grin)
> >
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> > Hi All,
> >
> > My band director wants me to play the drums in an upcoming musical.  I'd
> > love to take on the challenge, but have a rather large dilemma: how he
> can
> > provide an auditory queue as to when I should begin playing.  As you
> > probably know, the conductor uses hand signals to show the rest of the
> band
> > when to come in.  Usually he gives me a verbal count-in (one, two, three,
> > four...) but could not do so in the musical as it would be heard by the
> > audience.  If only there was some sort of device where the conductor
> could
> > whisper into, tap...etc., and the message would be conveyed to me via an
> ear
> > bud or other queue.  Is there any way we can get around this, because
> > otherwise I will not be able to be in the musical.  Fast advice is
> > appreciated as auditions are happening very very soon.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Grant
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >

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