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Is your drum solo happening apart from any other music? In other words, are
you setting up something which is to happen immediately after your drum
roll, assuming that's what it is? Is there anyone else near you on or
backstage that could cue you? Perhaps a tap on the shoulder, a kick on the
heel, anything subtle that could cue you. Could one of the actors on stage
cough, sigh, anything that would be appropriate in the context of the
musical that would cue you? These are just a few suggestions. Perhaps if you
set the scene for us we can put our vast amount of creative knowledge and
almost infinite wisdom to work in your behalf. (grin) 

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Hi All,

My band director wants me to play the drums in an upcoming musical.  I'd
love to take on the challenge, but have a rather large dilemma: how he can
provide an auditory queue as to when I should begin playing.  As you
probably know, the conductor uses hand signals to show the rest of the band
when to come in.  Usually he gives me a verbal count-in (one, two, three,
four...) but could not do so in the musical as it would be heard by the
audience.  If only there was some sort of device where the conductor could
whisper into, tap...etc., and the message would be conveyed to me via an ear
bud or other queue.  Is there any way we can get around this, because
otherwise I will not be able to be in the musical.  Fast advice is
appreciated as auditions are happening very very soon.



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