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Hi,  I have decided to switch to Cingular and get the 6620 with Talks.
Do you know anyone with this phone and do they like it?  I have not
switched yet.  Please e-mail me at my bluespruce7@xxxxxxxxxxx address
because I don't like all the BCT e-mail.  I want to make the best
decision I can.  Thanks for any input.  Mary

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Hi Mary,

I agree that it is unfair but I'm not sure  that it is discrimination.
The T-Mobile policy is the same for all current customers, sighted or
blind.  The companies are all fishing for new customers instead of
trying to please their current customers.  Nextel/Sprint offers a
Motorola i710 with a talking screen reader.  Verizon has a hands-free
phone which talks for voice activation.  Singular offers the Nokia 6620
with talks screen reader.  Of course you can buy talks or mobile Speaks
for a Nokia phone, so although it is expensive there are options
availible to the blind.
You can file a complaint with the FCC regarding FCC255 which hads
brought about these companies attempting to provide limited cell phone
access to the blind. There are folks on the BCT list who have phones
from all the different carriers some folks have switched carriers just
to get the phone they prefer.  It's a shame that we have to pay such
higher prices for accessible equipment but because of the "free market",
companies will charge whatever price the market will bare and there
isn't a large enough     market for accessible equipment to bring down
the prices.

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Subject: [bct] Fw: T-mobile and the Owasys 22c cell phone

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Subject: T-mobile and the Owasys 22c cell phone

Hi all,  This is a call to action.  I became very excited about the
Owasys 22c after listening t o the pod cast.  I called to order the
phone only to discover that because I have been a loyal T-mobile
customer for 3 years that I am ineligible to purchase the phone for
$200.  I must pay $500 or deactivate my service for 90 days and
reactivate as a new customer.  I feel very disappointed and I feel that
I am being discriminated against.  Sighted people have tons of phone
choices at a huge range of prices and we should have choices also.  I
have never yelled "discrimination" before but this feels wrong to me.
What do people think and what can we do about it? Please e-mail me at
bluespruce7@xxxxxxxxxxx  Mary Ellen Scott

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